Unsubstantiated Claims…

“Conjuring visions of Carnival Side-Show Barkers and Town-Side Snake-Oil Salesmen from the distant past”


Unsubstantiated Claims…The phrase came from my mouth one day and just stuck ….

One of  the self-proclaimed intellectuals at the break room Lunch table spouted his reply to whatever it  was I said that day…..” Don’t start Rumors !” ….My instantaneous response rewarding me with beaming gratification…..You Mean ” Unsubstantiated Claims?”  as I simultaneously chartered a quick course back to the nerd table.

The phrase seems a good fit for all the myth surrounding the potential benefits of the consumption of Wheatgrass in its Juice state. This Chlorophyll Cocktail Claims outrageous benefits without having to prove itself, conjuring visions of  Carnival Side-Show Barkers and Town-Side Snake-Oil Salesmen from the distant past.

I am also guilty of making my own claims as a potential purveyor of this Fine Grass Product. It’s Potential benefits for me are also of the monetary variety so I naturally would say something like…

“Wheatgrass is probably the worlds best, most easily obtainable and affordable super food…”

….right off my Homepage, and I believe an excerpt from an early article. I just can’t stop the relentless plugs. It’s just my enthusiasm has a good track record for being of the infectious variety  and influencing others to take action. Really a shame for something like that to go to waste!

Oh yea… by the way I stand by my product in spite of any “Unsubstantiated Beneficial Claims…” because much like Myths and Rumors they are frequently based on Truth ! Gab





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