The Eighty-Eight Cent Controversy

“When did individual discernment become the last possible resort when we need answers ?”


Here it is… I use Hydrogen Peroxide during the soaking stage on my sprouts, on the first day for eight to about twelve hours. I rinse first and then squirt some in a fine stream on top of my soaking water, right through the strainer lid for about ten to fifteen seconds. No it’s not “food grade” and the cost is less than a buck.

What’s the huge fuss about… People won’t use it, never have used it, never tried it and can’t be convinced to even consider it. “Look it says right on it for external use only… it must be bad for you”.

You do your own math, pack your own shoot… after all if I doesn’t open you have only yourself to blame! That’s my disclaimer, do your own research then make an informed decision based on research plus logic!

Here’s my take on the whole situation… Bacteria is the enemy and Wheat Seeds are a living organism and are delicate and need special care. Seeds may succumb to and propagate potentially deadly bacteria if not treated properly. All your Jars, Trays, Lids, Supplies and water should be surgically clean.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a low-cost Antiseptic effective in reducing harmful bacteria on seeds and growing supplies. No it’s not “food grade” but it says on the label it can be used as an oral rinse. Also after the initial soaking the Seeds get rinsed at least a dozen times before planting or eating as sprouts. Look at the poison control warning on your toothpaste before giving my eighty-eight cent wonder a bad rap!

“When did individual discernment become the last possible resort when we need answers ? Maybe independent thinking is the true cornerstone of great achievement? Gab”


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