My Obsession with Wheatgrass …

“Water seeks it own level… and the Universe is a self balancing perfect version of itself… with no regrets”


Sometimes things come together in a most inexplicable way… Your doing things one way, then in a  fractional moment everything changes… What possessed  me to fork out $300.00 for a Breville Juicer, start buying  forty pounds of Apples and Carrots, Growing Wheatgrass and Sunflower Microgreens ?

Obsession is clearly a close  explanation of the string of events that occurred a few short years ago, I was so caught up in the concept of enlightenment through diet or the Zen of good clean living. Could my Pizza eating, Burger loving days be over, and could I spontaneously evolve into a vegetarian or vegan ?

What do you think happened ? My diet was so good I turned into an intellectual Superhero ? Or spirit guides came to give me profound  prophecies that will help guide the world to a better warless, hungerless version of itself?

Not a chance! What happened was the same as when millions, make countless resolutions at the beginning of every New Year, and random times throughout the year in pursuit of becoming a better version of themselves ! Many try… few succeed.

My Juicer gets occasional use and gathers dust the rest of the time, my Wheat Seed laid around for years and I just started Growing again… ( it was still good ) I still eat Pizza, and make my own from scratch… I help grow a family Garden …

“Water seeks it own level… and the Universe is a self balancing perfect version of itself… with no regrets. It is what it is, and leads by example. Experience brings us Wisdom so we can live as the perfect version of ourselves by being who we are with no regrets….” Gab


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