Rinse and Repeat …

“These Good Quality Hard Red Winter Wheat Organic Seeds are a living organism … They will emerge from their dormant slumber in only a few days with the addition of some good clean water…”



Rinse and Repeat …

These Good Quality Hard Red Winter Wheat Organic Seeds are a living organism … They will emerge from their dormant slumber in only a few days with the addition of some good clean water…

I bought some bulk seed that was basically feed and tried growing it, and it was a complete and total failure !  ( Whole Wheat  …. Why Fifty Pounds?…. )                              So it’s really nice to get back to the Good Stuff !

My original seed stock lasted me for a couple of years with some on and off growing and my most recent acquisition  of ten pounds should last for quite some time and will be the subject of an upcoming review in the near future…

The correct amount of seed for me always works out to a one cup measure and it fills a 1020 tray (10″ by 20″) for grass or a few days of sprouts for salads and such… A one quart mason jar is the perfect size as you can harvest all the way from half full to “bursting at the seams full”.

Put the seeds in the Jar and add water to about two-thirds full, this is enough water to clean the seeds and not so much it will slosh out while a little agitation is in progress.

A strainer lid is essential to the process and I prefer a plastic version that either snaps on or screws on, but the screen mesh must be small enough to hold the seeds during the draining and agitation process.

Once the lid is on for the first time you need not remove it until harvest … you can add water right through the screen, adjust your faucet to a fine stream and it will flow nicely into the jar.

I try to get some circular motion to get the seeds throughly bathed in the water for thirty seconds or so, then turn the jar at about forty-five degrees into the sink and while shaking the last bit of water out and then doing it once more… ( Rinse and Repeat )

Now add some water over the clean seeds to soak overnight ….. a one time deal. Recommended soak times vary somewhat but the instructions that came with our seeds say no more than 8 to 10 hours so we will abide by those recommendations to try to achieve the best possible results. At this point it is very helpful to have a time and date affixed to your jar with a sticker or some masking tape as it will help  track your drain and rinse times and  daily progress.

At the end of your 8 to 10 hour soak, drain the seeds and rinse once and drain every day ….once or twice (our instructions say up to three times) a day to the convenience of your schedule or discretion as the process is quite forgiving just be sure to gently shake out the excess water every time.

You will probably notice the little white tails or sprouts starting to develop after the first twenty-four hours of your initial soaking. When these tails are as long as the seeds is the first good opportunity for planting but sometimes I’ve waited ’till the jar was full and had to carefully dig the seeds from the jar being careful not to break the tender tails!

This sprouting method is very easy and rewarding, taking only a few minutes of your time to achieve fresh healthy sprouts by simply “Rinse and Repeating”.



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