Whole Wheat  …. Why Fifty Pounds?….

“The first disappointment was all the miscellaneous chaff and debris and other grains and some pea like seeds”


Ok… so I bought 50 lbs of Whole Wheat that is technically used primarily for the consumption of four legged, barn type animals, not for people. I got some basic information from the local feed store then made the twelve mile or so drive to get it. The basic specs. are Whole Wheat and as the label states… ten percent protein. The young girl behind the counter stated it as a “non GMO” product semi-locally grown and not technically organic. The variety was unknown and it was only sprayed once early in the growth stage with a “broad spectrum insecticide” and some people do consume it!

My intent was to stack it up against a good verifiable type of Wheat berry that germinates well, grows fast, has good flavor, is organic and makes tasty sprouts and good juice. The main advantage if my experiment is successful is the price advantage, as the whole 50 lb grain sack was only like twelve bucks and some change.

So I got it home eager to open it up and examine the contents…. upon unveiling the plastic sack the first disappointment was all the miscellaneous chaff and debris and other grains and some pea like seeds. I was still going with the spouting plan to try and make this stuff work. So a LOT of extra rinsing and then the usual hydrogen-peroxide water solution soak for about 18 hours, three days in the mason jar and into the growing tray. So about 10 days later when I usually have lush green, full grass ready for harvest…I had a spotty, disappointing, unhealthy, irregular harvest that I would not even consider consuming…

So… I wrote the experiment off as a failure for possible human consumption and promptly feed the whole mess to my nine resident yard birds (chickens) ….to go back into egg production and to recycle the poor quality product…


The Moral of the story… only buy Organic, Non GMO, verified variety Wheat berry (seed) from a trusted source… for the purpose of healthy Human consumption! … Gab

( Future article “Wheatgrass for the Birds!”)

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